Thursday, March 24, 2011

Where would we be without colour

imagine living in a world without colour, living in a space that has no personality - where everything is white. I was once obsessed with having everything in my surroundings as white as can be, I would day dream over white interior spaces, everything in shades of white, creams and greys....... but that has all changed - I need colour now.
Nothing so bright that you would need to purchase yourself a new pair of gucci sunglasses - could be a good excuse though ;) but something still along the clean fresh lines where you have a white backdrop but with splashes of colour here and there. You need to have a balance of all the elements in a room and not just become lost in a white canvas.

Here is some colour inspiration

The pillows above are from Skinny laMinx - they sell for R220 each, they would compliment any white couch or piece of furntiure.

Dont you just love the headboard above! I could so easily see myself making something like that.......;)

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