Thursday, March 24, 2011

Inspired Likes

Welcome to my blog :)
The heading says it all! Inspired likes is about everything that makes me who I am. It's about all the lovely things that I come across on the web and how it makes me feel....and how it inspires me. I love all things beautiful and interesting. I have folders full of beautiful images and great ideas so I thought it is time to share with alike minded people.

Here you will find a mixture of all the things that inspire me, photography, my children, decor, illustrations, everything that makes me pause for a little while and dream. Life is so hectic these days, do you take the time to smell the pretty flowers you just picked and put on your hall stand? My blog helps me slow down and appreciate what people out there are doing to make the their lives a little more colourful and joyful with all the madness that is happening in the world.

Below are the two men in my life - the little lady is on her way :) My main stream of inspiration comes from my family - I live to make life a little more colourful and beautiful for them. Life is precious and so is family - we need to cherish one another and never stop loving.

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