Sunday, March 27, 2011

I like - Im inspired - I love - I want

Geepers - I have been without electricity, hot water, internet and a stove for almost 2 days now! It's absolutely crazy not being able to turn on a light or open my lap top. But on the other hand, I spent the entire day in the garden, we planted some beautiful little flowers, I finally used all my collected shells to make some wall art and even took the dogs - our crazy dogs - for a much needed walk. I've also started chrochet classes recently - I really want to get off my procrastinating toosh and finally start doing the things I love - take more photographs, get creative and just make and update things that I love. Speaking about things that I love, I found the most perfect little drawer set this weekend at the vintage market - will post some pics later but now I found some more inspiring stuff......Have a look for yourself :)

A little village - It's so cute - I can imagine these little houses in my little Rose bud's cot. When you finsihed reading my blog go and oogle over the etsy shop that belongs to Syko there are some really amazing creations there :) I love reading the Decor8blog, I get soooooo much inspiration there, my whole outlook on decor has changed since I stumbled across it. Today Holly Becker wrote an article on Heather Anderson's farmhouse in Michigan. I love the style there. Anyway, on her blog you will find a tutorial to make the frame below - I love it!

Here is some more inspiration from my favorite blog.......The pics are from an industrial chic loft in Buenos Aires which belongs to Karina Manghi. Her photography is stunning and so inspiring! I'm also so in love with the pink bed and the crochet throw in her loft...mmmmm Happiness

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